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San Michelle - Meas, AZ

Great Western Homes had tried twice to gain support from the City for a high density housing plan along the Superstition freeway. The City wanted expensive housing along this visible location, which had proven not to be successful on similar parcels adjacent to the freeway. The Galloway Group presented an idea of “distinctive architecture along shaded streets” to support the concept of a high density move up neighborhood on the site. Historically, high density was utilized in the entry level subdivisions. Backing up the idea with a traditional site layout with a grid-like street pattern behind a thematic gated entry and a citrus preserve to buffer the adjacent large lot homes, the site plan also featured a central recreation facility with a community pool. The Galloway Group introduced a “two-pack” architectural solution, where two homes were puzzle-fitted together. The benefits were a more pedestrian friendly street-scene characteristic of historic neighborhoods, more efficient use of private open space, and less visual impact of garage doors along the street. Floor plan designs ranged from a 1,530 sq. ft. single level home to a 2,740 sq. ft. two story design while achieving a net density of 6.9 units per acre including open space, buffers and storm water retention.

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