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Ross Ranch - Yuba County, CA

The Galloway Group provided extensive master planning, site planning, visioning and design services for Armada on this unique site in the northern area of the Sacramento Valley. The site was bisected by two major drainage ways and was the subject of a lawsuit against the County, mandating an affordable housing requirement that was not acceptable in the present marketplace.

Using a provision in the Plumas Lake Specific Plan to allow for flexible development standards, The Galloway Group prepared a site plan solution that included 800 dwellings with predominately detached home types within six different neighborhoods, while creating a truly affordable living neighborhood of 183 attached dwelling units. The plan also included over 68 acres of preserved natural open space such as the drainage/open space corridor, several onsite wetlands and multi-use trails and also provided a central 8.5 acre neighborhood park with passive and active recreational amenities to serve the overall community. The Galloway Group prepared the conceptual master plan, project image, community design guidelines and conceptual park and open space plan and assisted in public presentations as part of the overall entitlement effort.


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