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Quay Valley - Kings County, CA

The chance to create an entire town from the ground up doesn't come along every day. Inherent in that opportunity is a responsibility to design a self-sustaining City based on a grand vision. For Quay Valley, the approach is systemic, the principles are sustainability and environmental responsibility, and the goal is to create a community that provides people the widest possible opportunities to live, work and play. The goal of Quay Valley is not merely to create a solar city, which would be an admirable task in itself, but to create a model City, breaking old paradigms and pushing the limits of conventional planning. The Galloway Group was selected to be the overall planning firm to guide this unique and precedent-setting Community through the Specific Plan process. The Quay Valley land use plan is based on the vision for a community founded on the principles of sustainability, new urbanism and smart growth. The land use plan for Quay Valley is a comprehensive plan for development of a new town balancing residential land uses with job centers, commercial services, a regional entertainment center, educational centers, recreational amenities, and civic uses within a setting of natural and enhanced open space, agricultural production areas, parks, trails, and water features.

Signature features of Quay Valley include: development of regional destination tourist attractions such as a speedway complex, an entertainment and commercial center to include a water park, amusement park, themed hotels, convention facilities, an automobile-oriented retail and entertainment complex, and a golf course; a centrally located Town Center providing a mix of civic, residential, hospitality, and commercial land uses; and two Village Centers serving as focal points and commercial hubs for residential areas. At build-out Quay Valley will accommodate an estimated population of approximately 146,000 residents.

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