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About the Galloway Group - A view inside and outside the office.

We support local youth community activities. 

We support children worldwide

 via IYI

(International Youth Initiative.)

We support educational programs and local schools.

Inside the Office

At The Galloway Group, we provide a professional “studio” environment where architects, planners and graphic personnel work closely together.  Principals and associates utilize a team approach to manage projects through the office to ensure a high standard of work product is delivered in a timely manner that meets the Client’s needs and budget.  The working atmosphere allows creative and professional development and the opportunity to work on a wide variety to planning and design challenges.

Outside the Office

We encourage the members of the firm to become involved in their “Community” and dedicate time on a global, national, state or local level.  Since our work involves the living environment and the housing opportunities for families and individuals, we take a special interest in educational and service organizations.  It is also an emphasis of The Galloway Group to support local school and youth activities.

The Galloway Group is a member of the following professional organizations:

Urban Land Institute
U.S. Green Building Council
Congress for New Urbanism
National Association of Homebuilders

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